As entrepreneur, you need information about your business that is adding value for you and your company, such as which product lines are profitable, what investments are necessary, what investments are profitable,… Efficient organization of your accounts means that you get high-level information for a reasonable price.

We have experience with the following accounting software: Winbooks, Sage BOB, BD Fact, CUBIC, Exact online, SAP, Dynamics Navision, Odoo, NetSuite,… As such, our team is very flexible.

We can organize the payroll administration either internally or in collaboration with a recognized social secretariat. Each client receives a customized service: accounting on its own server, on our server or on the server in the “cloud”; services on site, in our offices or via internet. Communication and cooperation are of primary importance.

The accounting of “personal service companies” or “real estate companies” is often influenced by tax rules. Therefore it’s important to find a balance between financial planning and tax rules.

Our team offers the possibility to organize your accounts the way you want: traditional information provision, digital delivery or encoded by yourself in a secure environment, such as Exact-on-Line.

Because our specialization in this sector, we have several experienced accountants that can assist you at any time. When advising, they will always consider and optimize your pension, real estate and succession planning.

We can establish the annual accounts of your company, according to the abbreviated, complete or consolidated scheme, and we can also prepare the minutes of the shareholders meeting and the annual report, in accordance with legal requirements.

We provide accurate, efficient and fast services that will create added value for your organization.