New Anti-Money Laundering legislation in Belgium

  • In accordance with EU Directive dated May 20, 2015.
  • Replace previous Belgian AML law dated January 1993.
  • New Belgian AML law dated September 19, 2017 and published on October 2017.
  • The scope is extended to NBB, guarding companies, gambling companies, Blosf service, service providers and financial planners.

Obligation to:

  1. Adapt internal control and reorganize with assessment taken into account characteristics of client, products/ services, countries and supply law.
  2. Prior verification, review and permanent vigilance of the identification of client with notification of a-typical and suspicious transactions to CFI.
  3. Limitation of use cash to max € 3.000,00.
  4. Competent authorities: NBB, FSMA, Authorities of finance, partner institutions (FMI, IMF, OLAF, IBR, IAB, …)
  5. Administrative and criminal sanctions (from € 150 to € 1.250.000 or 10% revenues).